Links for Magicians

Following a favorite magicians fan page or even webpage can help a fan keep up with new tricks and even tour dates. Finding sites or even small local stores that could give one the means to perform a similar magic trick as one of the greats could lead to a greater appreciation of what goes into one trick.
Magicians such as Criss Angel and Lance Burton have numerous pages in which fans can see them in action and even join a mailing list to keep up with the various tour dates that the magicians may have throughout the year. lets the fan watch him in action as well as join a mailing list for this particular magician. does much of the same. On his site you are able to see various tricks that he has performed on some stages as big as Oprah Winfrey’s. On the David Blane site one is also able to purchase products such as decks of cards and other David Blane inspired slight of hand tricks.

A site like is filled with various resources to be purchased for a working or even novice magician. There are things from simple sets of playing cards to actual DVDs and programs to watch in order to train yourself to do magic like the professionals. carries much of the same product as other magic stores. There are some variations of brands but as far as the end result of the trick is concerned it is the same.
Getting your hands on something that could give your hobby a new meaning and a deeper understanding of the hard work that your favorite magician puts into every trick could be an eye opening experience. Generally thee products are not costly and often times take patience in order to master.