Famous Worldwide Magicians

There are many magicians around the globe who entertain and impress people, either on television or a live show, but few can be counted within the best. Magic is the performing art to entertain audiences by creating illusions that seem impossible, supernatural feats with the usage of natural means, staging tricks and others. Feats make reference to magic tricks, illusions or effects. We are glad to present you our very own best magicians review, although it must be noted that such efforts always entail a significant level of subjectivity and bias, just like any other internet reviews would.

We have selected 4 magicians to be featured in our list, 2 from the old golden age of magic and 2 from the present time. Each one has definitely his own style and an incredible talent that has allowed them to make a name for themselves in the entertainment business.

Harry Houdini born as Erik Weisz was a Hungarian born American magician, actor, stunt performer that was noted for his variety of sensational escape acts. Houdini was born on March 24 of 1874 and died on October 31 of 1926. He began he magician career in the year 1891. Some of his notable escapes are the following: 1- Mirror Handcuff Challenge, 2- Milk Can Escape, 3- Suspended straitjacket escape, 4- Chinese water torture cell, 5- Buried alive stunt and 6- Overboard box escape. Mr. Houdini is one of the most famous magicians of all time.

Kuda Bux was an Indian magician and mystic. He was born in the year 1906 and died on February 5 of 1981. Bux most famous tricks was one in which he would cover his eyes with dough balls, swath his entire head with strips of cloth fully blindfold and he will still be able to see what was in front of him. Kuda was also a fire walker. This famous magician was the subject of a film in 1950 called “Kuda Bux, Hindu Mystic”.

Keith Barry is an Irish Magician, Mentalist and Hypnotist. He was born on Ireland on October 2 of 1976. Keith interest in magic began at the early age of fourteen. He had purchased a book called “Magic for the Complete Klutz” at that age and since then he fell in love with magic. Barry’s television career began in 2003 when he appeared on the series called “Close Encounters with Keith Barry”.

Christian Farla is a Dutch magician illusionist born in Rotterdam on May 5th of 1970. Farla home base is in Barendrecht. He is one of the few magicians, which its main specialty is Mega illusions. At the young age of eight he began performing magic at birthday parties for his friends. Christian won the Merlin Award in 2006 and 2009, which is the award for the highest international magician.